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When is the program held? 
Every second Friday evening from 7pm-9.15pm for Year 6 and Year 7 Program. Dates to be sent upon request.


Where is the program held? 
Sandringham Baptist Church hall, Corner of Abbott and Essex Streets in Sandringham. We use the hall and other small nicely furnished rooms for our mentor groups. 


Do parents or guardians stay for the sessions?

The program is designed for participants to be dropped off and collected at the conclusion of the session. However we have applied for funding to create a parents lounge and we will let you know when it eventuates.  


Why is there a small cost for the program?

The program fee will help to go towards snacks and also activity materials. 


Does the program give any professional support?

It is important to note that none of our volunteers are professional counsellors. We do not claim to be professionals. Rather we are committed and passionate individuals who have life experiences to share. All of our volunteers have had at least two years of working with youth and have been extensively interviewed, checked and fulfil our strict program requirements. 
During the program, we will however notify parents/guardians if we can identify anything we’re concerned about so that professional help can be found.


How do we find out what our daughters are learning?

Great question! After every Yr 6 session, Emily will email parents/guardians outlining the main discussion points and also some questions for optional further discussion at home. We believe that positive parent relationships and communication is very important in the development of an adolescent.


Since it’s being hosted and supported by a Church, is there any religious material in this program?

No, there is no religious material in this program. The program has been individually written as a resource to be inclusive of all backgrounds, nationalities and beliefs. However if a participant asks a question regarding religion or faith, our leaders will answer to their best knowledge.

Emily, (author and director) volunteers, represents and attends the Church. 


Is there a minimum number of sessions we need to attend?
Yes, you need to attend 8 out of 10 advertised sessions. We would really like to encourage maximum commitment to the program because the more time the girls and mentors spend together the more trust and friendships are built which ultimately creates a more fruitful learning environment.


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