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Flourish Mentoring Program 
Year 7 ~ 2022

LIMITED PLACES AVAILBLE for entry at Year 7! 


Year 7 Program running from Feb-June in 2022

Year Seven Flourish a High School Transition and Resilience Program, designed to support and encourage Year Seven girls in the changes they face as they transition into secondary school.


The program focuses on devising practical strategies for girls to use in facing the everyday challenges of high school. Additional issues such as influences, dealing with changing friendship groups and handling teachers’ expectations will be discussed. Flourish will continue to provide opportunities to share stories and receive support, and there will be a continued focus on building confidence and self esteem.

Sessions includes team building, active, get-to-know-you and creative games, opportunities to chat, small group discussions, whole group discussions and Q&A panels, stories, videos, and opportunities to ask questions and share experiences. Each session of Year Seven Flourish will also include some time in stream groups working on stream projects, requiring brainstorming, planning, teamwork and creativity. 

Our draft program dates for 2022 are....

  • Friday 11th February 2022

  • Friday 25th February 2022

  • (Week off due to long weekend)

  • Friday 18th March 2022

  • Friday 1st April 2022

  • (school holidays)

  • Friday 6th May 2022

  • Friday 20th May 2022

  • Friday 3rd June 2022

  • Graduation Event: Saturday 18th June 2022

Our program runs in Sandringham, Victoria, 3191.


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